Artisan Windows offer a wide range of both traditional and modern styles that will blend sympathetically with any style of home.

You have the choice of White, Rosewood, Light Oak, White Woodgrain and Irish Oak finishes. The Rosewood and Light Oak options are available with a wood effect on the outside but with a white finish on the inside.

The Artisan window comes complete with

Thermal Enhancement

To maximise thermal performance new Artisan Window is engineered from 70mm wide 
profile (the industry maximum).

Innovative PVC-u Thermal Reinforcing ensures optimum energy efficiency by creating vertical chambers throughout the frame. The chambers help to resist outside temperatures and retain internal warmth. 
The result is far greater heat retention than achieved by conventional hollow metal reinforcing.

Top Grade PVC-u

European Committee standards state that Grade A PVC-u must have an outside wall thickness of 2.8mm. Tricept wall thickness is 3mm which offers superb frame strength and rigidity that will last for years. 

Artisan Windows offer a wide range of both traditional and modern styles that will blend sympathetically with any style of home.

Weather Resistance

You should expect your new windows and doors to be completely draught proof and water tight. Tricept profile is produced with all-weather compression gaskets, fused to both the inner and outer frame sections. The gaskets offer far greater compression and remain in line with the profile for a neater appearance. Because they are fused to the profile they can never shrink back thus avoiding any leaks or irritating draughts in your home. 

Integral Drainage

To enhance the weather resistance further the Artisan Window has a sophisticated 'built in' drainage system that directs any water penetration away and towards the external drainage route. Neat Installations 
To ensure your windows are fitted neat and square, and to prevent 'bowing' upon installation, two legs have been formed to the brick facing edge of the profile.

Correct Glazing

In order to avoid the breakdown of glazed units it is essential that your unit remains in dry conditions at all times. Artisan has designed a unique glazing packer that is sprung in place for the glazed unit to sit on and therefore create a bridge between the sealed unit and any water or dampness. This prevents condensation forming inside your units. All are units are now A Rated.


Whilst all the profiles remain technically the same, Artisan offers you a choice of either a fully bevelled system or fully ovolo depending on your preference.

Clean Lines

Both systems have been designed to be symmetrically correct in that all flat surfaces are similar in width which in essence offers a far slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing appearance to your window. 

Artisan Multi-Point Locking System

Every Artisan window and door is fitted with a unique Multi-Point Locking System that has been designed exclusively to fit the Artisan range.

Because of this you can rest assured knowing that every opening is firmly secured on all four sides.

Smart Safety Solutions

For your safety, easy clean/fire escape hinges are fitted as standard to all side-opening windows. These can be pushed to a full 90 degree opening and give you an alternative means of escape in the unfortunate event of fire.

Coloured Windows, Doors & Conservatories in every colour under the sun.

Artisan can create or match any colour you like. Whatever you need to complement your home, we can create exactly that colour for your Crystal Conservatory, Orangery windows and doors.
The colour coating used is a specially developed paint that is sprayed on and physically bonds to the PVC-u becoming part of the surface of the material to which it has bonded. This dries quickly as a smooth satin finish that forms an extra protective coating that never needs re-painting. It doesn’t chip, crack or flake, is guaranteed weatherproof for 10 years and is virtually fade free.

You can use colour to contrast with sills and frames or for an overall effect. Favourites include soft cream or ivory. Bold colours like reds and blues are popular for front doors. Black and white and dark fir green are common choices for conservatories

Quality Assurance

Artisan windows are manufactured and rigorously tested to withstand the European climate, keeping you safe and comfortable in your home.

Energy Efficiency

Artisan windows are available with a variety of glass sealed unit configurations and are certified up to 'A' Rating (the industry maximum) by the British Fenestration Rating Council's Energy Rating Scheme.

Also within our Artisan Collection we offer a fully chamfered style of window designed to recreate the traditional putty lines of wooden- timber windows.

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