If you do not own a listed property but desire the natural look of timber windows, there is a timber alternative window.

Bespoke timber windows can cost a lot more than you expect...up to 3 times that of a uPVC option. There are a large number of Upvc windows on the market that claim to look like wood but fail to satisfy the discerning purchaser in so many areas.

If you do not have a planning restriction to fit timber we do have an excellent timber alternative window, The Evolution Storm Window.

This period style uPVC range is available in a range of window colour options, plus complementary accessories and glass options - all you need to do is choose which combination is the best choice to suit your home.


Evolution Storm  period style uPVC timber alternative window stands out on its own with a quality of finish that is unsurpassed.

The designers set out to duplicate a timber window for the timber market, not to make a plastic window with a wood grained finish for the uPVC market. A window that looks like timber, with the detail of timber and the soft soulful finish of timber while also being maintenance free, draft proof, and energy efficient.  A window that will open and close without sticking 52 weeks a year and will never need painting.

All the advantages of a maintenance free window but with no compromise on style, character, property value and pride of ownership.


The Evolution period style alternative timber window frames are all butt jointed using the same process of manufacturing as a timber window, there are no welded corners on the outer frames.

All Evolution window frames have a timber grained finish in white, cream, black, natural wood or any colour that you require.

The internal edges on the outer frames are all ovolo with the exact detail of a timber window.

Evolution Window Sashes

The opening and dummy sashes have been designed using a timber sash as a model. The external edges are a pencil round finish with a putty line edge to the glass. The only part of the window that is welded is the casement using specially designed and patented machinery.  The result is the neatest flat mitred joint available with no unsightly grooved corners.


We have a  factory spray finish on our sills  in any colour to suit the Evolution Storm Window, thus providing the correct architectural substance for a character property.  Alternatively we can install stone or tile sills to match an existing style.

Evolution Window Glazing Bars

The Georgian & Cottage Glazing bars are all precision cut by hand and are an exact duplicate of a timber glazing bar. The external bars have a putty line whilst the internal bars are ovolo. The glazing bars are available in both 20mm & 36mm options.

Evolution Windows Furniture

The Evolution Storm period style alternative timber window range offers some of the most desirable window furniture available on any system including contemporary, monkey tail and period styles in black iron, chrome and solid brass.


You will be pleasantly surprised at how competitively priced the Evolution Storm alternative timber windows are in comparison to our bespoke timber range, sometimes up to 50% less.


Many of our customers mix the two, choosing a bespoke hardwood entrance door and Evolution Storm alternative timber windows.

Discerning property owners

The majority of our Evolution Storm alternative timber windows are bought by discerning property owners looking to buy timber and have selected us either from their own homework or recommended by a friend or architect.

Get a comparison

We will be happy to provide you with a detailed quotation on several options from our wide selection of frames and materials so that you may make an informed decision in your own time based on all of the facts.

Quite simply, the new Evolution Storm alternative timber window range is totally unique and offers you a new style of window that is both practical and outstanding without the expense and high maintenance of standard timber windows.

With this new innovative range of products, it's no wonder Artisan Windows & Doors have already been accepted in a World Heritage area as well as a number of conservation areas by local authorities.

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