An elegant creator of space and light, our doors will transform your living space and open up a multitude of possibilities.

Artisan's Bi-Folding Patio Doors are available in timber or aluminium.
Your journey begins with the design, where we invite you to ponder an exciting array of colours, finishes and folding options.

The folding sliding door (also referred to as bi fold, folding patio doors, sliding folding doors, concertina, folding doors or Easifold), can provide a solution to the restrictions created by the boundaries of traditional exterior and internal doors and windows. Folding sliding doors can open far wider than conventional French doors and offer up to 95% clear opening as opposed to the typical patio doors' 40%. Whole walls can now be literally and effortlessly swept aside in seconds enabling any room to embrace the great outdoors.

Timber Folding Patio Doors

Artisan's Origin Easifold are the most beautiful folding sliding doors you can buy.
Their timeless aesthetics, superior engineering and premium quality are only part of their character. The rest is imagination.
Imagine how your living spaces will be transformed. Imagine that there are no barriers between inside and outside. Imagine gorgeous natural light illuminating your life. Nothing else releases the potential of your home, and the space around it, quite like individually crafted Origin Easifold doors.
Suddenly, summer days are longer and winter days are brighter. In just a few moments relaxation is more rewarding and entertaining is more dramatic. At last every part of your home is yours to enjoy and savour.

Once closed, an Origin Easifold door will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Origin Easifold doors’ state of the art thermal barriers limit heat transfer.Origin Easifold doors are designed to prevent fingers, especially tiny ones, getting caught between them.
Our doors have enhanced security measures that exceed industry standards. The five bolt bespoke multi-point lock and supplementary shoot bolt locking mechanisms provide unrivalled security.

"Safe For Those Little Fingers"

The joints between every Easifold door panel have a special safety feature which stops fingers, particularly children’s little fingers, getting trapped.
Our unique interlocking joint gasket is made from a flexible thermoplastic elastomer and shaped so that even when the doors are fully open there is no gap for unwary fingers to get caught in. Thanks to its precision design, even as the door closes there are no exposed sharp edges to cause injury and absolutely no chance of trapping a finger.

Your choice of colour is no exception.
Our frames are colour coated with an oven cured polyester powder for a tough and smooth decorative finish. Take your time to choose from hundreds of bespoke colour options or let us guide you with our specially selected collection of our most popular colours.
For that natural look or to co-ordinate with existing windows, capture the beauty of real wood with our range of ultra realistic wood effects.
You can even choose different colours for inside and outside, or for individual door panels. With Origin Easifold, your options are virtually unlimited.

Superior Thermal efficiency

Easifold doors are designed to maintain a stable temperature. When closed, their very low level of heat transfer will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
Our frames can accept 24mm and 28mm double glazed units for maximum thermal performance. Even the aluminium frame itself is designed to limit heat transfer thanks to a thermal break created by internal polyamide strips.

A recent test of an Easifold door with 24mm double glazing by the British Fenestration Rating Council determined a U value (a measure of thermal transmittance) of only 1.67. The test was carried out in line with ISO 10077-2.

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