Client design brief:

The client in this case wished to utilise an old building at the side of their pub/restaurant and turn it into a kitchen. This was to be connected to the main building via a new conservatory, which would then serve as an extension to the restaurant.

The buildings were very old and not properly square to one another so it required precise planning to join the two together. We also had to take into account building regulations for public use, along with all the insulation and fire safety regulations that this would entail.

The client wanted to convey to his customers the feeling of ‘sitting outside in a garden’. For this reason we installed a self-cleaning, solar controlled, heat reflective glass roof. The glass also has a blue tint, this has the added benefit of making the sky look blue even on dull days. For heat management, all the top fan lights are opening and there is a self ventilating, PVC-u clad aluminium roofing system.

The glass around the sides is a solar controlled glass to obtain a maximum u. value to keep the heat in and the cold out. This was glazed into Cherry wood PVC-u. frames, which aesthetically complimented the original building.

The client was extremely pleased with the finished building and also surprised at the amount of space that they had gained. The restaurant could now cater for 24 more people at a time and moving the kitchen had also gained them another bar area.